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"Finally, a place where all people can study the Word of God!"

Mission Statement: Christ Evangelical Bible Institute's primary mission is to train and equip disenfranchised Christians for responsible full and part-time ministry.  "Disenfranchised" here includes those who are economically deprived, disabled, minority, and/or discriminated against because of caste, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

CEBI's mission also includes spreading the gospel message to nonbelievers, especially those who have been disenfranchised, outcast and rejected by mainstream Christianity (i.e., traditional congregations).

CEBI provides on-site education at all of its campuses (i.e., branch and main) and correspondence education through its main campus.

To serve Christ by serving others and to serve others by serving Christ through Christian education.


Purpose Statement: CEBI seeks to serve those whom mainstream Christianity rejects.  Our Lord and Savior has asked us to call these to Him and to tell them that they remain very dear and special to Him.  He has asked us to tell them that He knows what it is to be rejected, outcast and despised.  He has asked us to tell them that the Door is open to them, too.  And, He has asked us to tell them that they must not delay, for He is returning soon!

Our Lord needs skilled workers in the harvest field.  CEBI endeavors to help train such workers to meet both local and global needs.


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