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A Letter from CEBI's President

Dr. Joseph Adam Pearson 

Dear Prospective CEBI Students:

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

CEBI's primary purpose is to train and equip disenfranchised Christians for responsible full and part-time ministry.

CEBI's mission also includes spreading the gospel message to nonbelievers, especially those who have known discrimination and rejection.

Recently, the CEBI Board approved offering the Christian Worker's Certificate entirely through the CEBI Correspondence Division.  The program which leads to the Christian Worker's Certificate is designed for those who are interested in increased involvement in their local church or street ministry and who wish to become more effective witnesses for the Lord as well as better prepared for daily living.  (The three-year Bachelor of Ministry program is not presently available entirely through correspondence, and will probably not be offered entirely through correspondence in the near future.)

In the following section are the tentative Correspondence Division Coursework Requirements for the Christian Worker's Certificate.  I qualify it as “tentative,” because it is possible that we may end up changing or substituting a few of the courses. However, any courses that you are advised to take per US mail or Email would definitely count toward this 30 credit hour program.

If you begin the certificate program at this time, the tuition per credit hour will remain the same throughout your entire time of study (US $12.50).  Naturally, textbook prices are subject to change.  (And, postage and handling will change as postal rates increase.)

Anyone may take correspondence courses from us without subscribing to The Evangelical Confession of Faith.  However, all certificate and degree program students must be in agreement with this Confession of Faith.

Additionally, for formal admittance to the certificate or degree program, you must supply letters of reference from two people who are familiar with your Christian walk.  Preferably, one should be from a pastor, elder, deacon, or steward.  We realize that this may not always be possible, especially if there is not an affirming or reconciling evangelical church in your area.

Please write or call if you have additional questions.

I know that all things work together for good concerning those who love the Lord (Romans 8:28).  Let us pray that the Lord draw us closer to Him and, in so doing, draw us all closer to each other.

With the love of a brother in Christ,

Joseph Adam Pearson, Ph.D.
CEBI-International President
(219) 879-1979

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